Free Shipping ❤️ Over $75 | Bundle & Save!


Free Shipping ❤️ Over $75 | Bundle & Save!




We can’t wait for you to start enjoying the health benefits of our superior supplements.
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As a NuLifeSpan customer, you earn 5% in REWARDS on every order placed by you OR from your unique share link. You can spend your REWARDS on
NuLifeSpan products at anytime OR as an added bonus you can turn your rewards into REAL CASH once you reach 50!

Here’s what to do next …

Check your email for your login
credentials to access your account portal.

Login into your portal and
copy your share link.

Start sharing your link and earning
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Reason One

Earn income the social way by sharing your link with your friends & family. Share as much or as little as you want. This is a “Business in a Box” solution that fits your time and your schedule.

You’ll earn 5% on every product order made from your share link. There has never been an easier way to generate extra income online in 2023.

Reason Two

Help change health and well-being forever.

One by one, we are leading a movement to provide natural & innovative alternatives for improving focus, energy and longevity becuase big pharm really doesn’t care about your health. Join the revolution.

Reason Three

You may be your own boss, but you won’t be alone.

We are commited to being the servant that helps you every step of the way. Support is all around you. Get immediate access to sharing tools to help support you on your journey to better health and wealth.

Think of it as a way to maximize the time you spend online!


Personalized Website

All your sales attached to you. Don’t worry, no tech expertise required.

Dashboard Portal

Track rewards, track sales, track your earnings!

Health and wellness affiliate program

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers below. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please reach out to us at  or DM us on Instagram 

What is Rewards Cash?

Cash Rewards is our internal wallet system that pays customers to shop and pays when they share. Cash Rewards can be used internally at any time to save money on orders OR cash out to real cash once you reach 50 rewards.

How much does it cost?

There is absolutely no cost to you. You simply help us spread the word about NuLifeSpan products by sharing your unique link and we reward you with Rewards Cash that converts to real cash, once you reach $50.

Can I share my link outside the United States?

At this time, NuLifeSpan products are available only in the United States. Please email us at with additonal countries you may be interested in.

Do I have to purchased or keep any inventory?

No. There are no required or minimum purchase requirements from NuLifeSpan. Sales placed directly from your NuLifeSpan share link are shipped directly from our warehouse in a timely manner.

If you wish to purchase NuLifeSpan products to build a hands on experience with your customers and friends, you may choose from an assortment products and bundles on sign up or at a wholesale discount after you complete your enrollment.

How do I sign up to share NuLifeSpan?

Check your email, and activate your account by accepting your invitation. That’s it. From there you will be able to grab your share link and start sharing right away.

Can I share NuLifeSpan if I am selling products for another company?

Yes. Of Course. NuLifeSpan welcomes all entrepreneurs and people with a wide variety of interests. Branf Partners should read the Policies and Procedures carefully upon enrollment. As part of the agreement during enrollment, Brand Parnters agree that they will not solicit other NuLifeSpan VIP Customers, Brand Partners or Affiliates to join other direct/social/peer-to-peer companies.

How do I make money from sharing my link?

Our customers make money by sharing NuLifeSpan with their friends, family, co-workers and anybody else in their influence who tries our products.

You will in earn 5% Rewards Cash on every order placed from your link. You can spend Rewards Cash on products or cash out when you reach $50.

We provide you a portal to view your progress, track your sales and convert your rewards into real cash when you are ready.

What happens if I decide I want to earn more rewards?

Thats great! We have more ways to earn by leveling up to VIP, Affiliate or Brand Partner.

VIP‘s get 10% in Rewards Cash
Affiliates get 30%
Brand Partners can build a team PLUS receive wholesale discount pricing

To level up, visit your portal, log in and choose your upgrade.

Looking to up your game?

At NuLifeSpan, we know that you want to reach your highest potential – to become the person you know you can be, the best version of yourself. You want to be someone who does more than survive. You want to win, overcoming any challenge life throws at you. In order to do that, you need more energy, better focus, an unfailing memory, and an unwavering excitement for life. In short, you need a reliable supply of motivation to create the life you want, much less meet the daily demands of your life.

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